Weddings & Receptions

Sizes and capacities

Function room Size Single rectangular table Number of people Single tableNUMBER OF PEOPLE Round tables without buffet NUMBER OF PEOPLE Round tables with buffet NUMBER OF PEOPLE Round tables with dance floor NUMBER OF PEOPLE Cocktail NUMBER OF PEOPLE Floor plan
Maxime (A) 64m² 24 26 5x12 4x12 4x12 60
Loraine (B) 64m² 24 26 5x12 4x12 4x12 60
Romy (C) 90m² 30 32 5x12 - 1x9 5x12 4x12 80
Function room, access to grounds
(A + B + C)
218 m² 44 - 15x12 - 2x9 14x12 - 1x9 12x12 200
Alban (D) 11 m² - - 1x12 1x12 - 9
Mathilde (E) 60 m² - 25 2x12 - 2x10 1x12 - 1x10 - 1x12 - 60
Pauline (F) 67 m² 32 28 6x10 5x10 4x10 80
Historic function rooms(D + E + F) 159 m² - - 9x10 - 3x12 6x10 - 3x12 4x10 - 3x12 160
"Thank you to the entire team of the Château de la Tour for the wonderful wedding you have allowed us to realize! We will keep an emotional and enthusiastic memory of the evening and of the morning spent in this enchanting place."
Aurore & Vinccent, August 2019
"Thank you from the heart for making our little Theo’s baptism a success! Everything was perfect: your advice before D-Day, the setting up of our decor, the reception of the guests as well as the service. We especially enjoyed the presentation of the mounted piece. Everyone loved it!
Thank you again, we will not hesitate to return to the Castle for our future events."
Julia Pohrib & Jérémy Spaeth, July 2019
"We would like to thank all the teams at the Château de la Tour, who allowed us to celebrate our wedding reception in this exceptional setting. The kindness of the reception staff, the professionalism of the coordinators, in particular Sabine Paurisse, have magnified this event, which will forever be remembered."
Sandy & Guillaume, August 2019