Weddings & Receptions

Sizes and capacities

Function room Size Single rectangular table Number of people Single tableNUMBER OF PEOPLE Round tables without buffet NUMBER OF PEOPLE Round tables with buffet NUMBER OF PEOPLE Round tables with dance floor NUMBER OF PEOPLE Cocktail NUMBER OF PEOPLE Floor plan
Maxime (A) 64m² 24 26 5x12 4x12 4x12 60
Loraine (B) 64m² 24 26 5x12 4x12 4x12 60
Romy (C) 90m² 30 32 5x12 - 1x9 5x12 4x12 80
Function room, access to grounds
(A + B + C)
218 m² 44 - 15x12 - 2x9 14x12 - 1x9 12x12 200
Alban (D) 11 m² - - 1x12 1x12 - 9
Mathilde (E) 60 m² - 25 2x12 - 2x10 1x12 - 1x10 - 1x12 - 60
Pauline (F) 67 m² 32 28 6x10 5x10 4x10 80
Historic function rooms(D + E + F) 159 m² - - 9x10 - 3x12 6x10 - 3x12 4x10 - 3x12 160
"We thank you for this superb evening with night and breakfast. Everything was perfect, my guests are delighted and thank you. From aperitif to dinner, it was a treat and the rooms in the castle are superb. From welcome to service, thank you to all your teams, who are always available with a smile. Very good memories, thank you again, we’ll come back."
Riquetlahoup, Febuary 2019
"Very beautiful place of reception for our marriage, whether it is the magnificent frame of the castle, the rooms, the meals and the teams (Sabine, Julie, Sebastien, the waiters and the cooks) everybody is available, in the listening and of a very considerable professionalism for a day as important as when your marriage happens. Another warm congratulations and thanks to all! See you very soon."
Jess93410, November 2018
"We had the pleasure of celebrating in a privatized room in the magnificent Château de la Tour! We appreciated the superb setting, the remarkable service, in all kindness and friendliness without being too rigid, all that we wanted for this event! Teams really work for us while being discreet at the dinner, lots of combinations of menus possible for all budgets, we all enjoyed and every little attention for that day was there. We strongly recommend!"
marjorievdb, November 2018