Corporate meals

Corporate meal near Paris

Bring your employees together for a festive event with an end-of-year meal, a retirement party or any other celebration. 

We offer a selection of generous all-inclusive set menus comprising an aperitif, the meal, wines, mineral water and coffee, starting at €53 (excl. tax). 

By the fireplace or on the terrace overlooking the grounds, come and enjoy a unique setting where the hospitality and discrete, efficient service will contribute to your enjoyment of the experience. 

Corporate meal brochure 

Would you like more details or an appointment to find out all about our establishment?
Contact Pauline Dacheux on +33(0)3 4462 3836 or via email.

"I would like to thank you for the welcome and quality of the Château de la Tour during our visit.
The whole team was delighted. We will not fail to give your contact information for, we hope future events in your establishment."
Chanel, April 2019
"Everything was perfect: the rooms, the catering, the breaks, the meeting rooms (Valeriane gave us a subcommittee room in daylight instead of a blind room, which was much appreciated), the order of taxis. Great availability and friendliness of Valeriane and her teams
Perfect setting for our meeting: not too luxurious, not too big, warmer spirit due to the layout of the bar and the size of the establishment (all places are close to each other: meeting rooms/ restaurant/ rooms - no need to "drive miles" to pass from one to the other, so a saving of time) than in a larger establishment."
"We are very satisfied with our stay at the Castle, our participants really appreciated the place as well as the quality of the catering and rooms, and left with the feeling of a successful stay. I want to thank you for that because, in addition to the overall organization, there were a lot of details to follow this week, which may have complicated stewardship, and all of them were observed as required. Thank you also for your availability and your sense of service. We also appreciated the size of the establishment, not too big: no time wasted to go from the meeting rooms to the restaurant or to the rooms."
Biersdorf, April 2019