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"Congratulations to the Château de la Tour teams for their excellent sense of service, their responsiveness, kindness and availability throughout the seminar, whether it is at the time of the request for estimate to the logistics before the seminar until D-Day! A special congratulations to Pauline, Valeriane and Soraya without who made this seminar a success. We keep your beautiful address for a future event."
VINCI, June 2019
"The entire Business Development team would like to thank the Château de La Tour team for their hospitality, kindness, availability and responsiveness. In a word its professionalism contributed to the success of our seminar.
As the saying goes, “never two without three”, we will meet next year."
Business Développement, July 2019
"We are very satisfied with our stay at the Castle, our participants really appreciated the place as well as the quality of the catering and rooms, and left with the feeling of a successful stay. I want to thank you for that because, in addition to the overall organization, there were a lot of details to follow this week, which may have complicated stewardship, and all of them were observed as required. Thank you also for your availability and your sense of service. We also appreciated the size of the establishment, not too big: no time wasted to go from the meeting rooms to the restaurant or to the rooms."
Biersdorf, April 2019